MVP – 5 Years in A Row

Actually this post should be posted on July 1, when I got an email told me that my Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award got renewed. I can’t be more than happy than that, 5 years in a row. Thanks for that, Microsoft!

For you who are unfamiliar with what MVP is, it’s basically an award for developers or IT pros who contribute their technical expertise of Microsoft’s technologies to community. “Community” is the keyword here. There’re many smart, talented, and skilled developers or IT pros out there, but not all of them want to contribute to the community.

What’s my contribution you may ask? Well, I’m arguably one of influencer of mobile apps industry in Indonesia. I influence many developers to jump into mobile apps development and business, including Windows Phone-related, the one that Microsoft owns. I delivered more than 5 speakings related to Windows Phone, last year alone. Although not much blogging last year, but I think speaking contribution is much more engaging.

As part of MVP award, you’ll get an MVP kit. Here’s what’ inside the box: