OData and NSJSONSerialization

If you’re like me, a long time .NET developer that finally also became iOS Developer, most likely you’ll use .NET to create server-side API/backend to serve iOS apps. If yes, you may use OData or WCF Data Services to implement such backend. Long before ASP.NET Web API came along, OData is the easiest way to create API.

OData can output JSON, even though it outputs in XML by default. As we know, we simply add/change “Accept” header in our HTTP request to “application/json” to get JSON responses. iOS SDK has built-in JSON parsing support since iOS 5 by using NSJSONSerialization class. All seems a perfect combination, while┬áoccasionally┬áit’s not.

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The Internet Show Indonesia 2012

The organiser claimed that the event is “Indonesia’s only internet business event”. Although it’s not quite true, since a lot of similar events in the past 3 years, it was a good event, great speakers, useful insights, and I’m very happy to be part of it.

I had a opportunity to be a speaker in a panel session talking about “Making Waves in Social Media in Indonesia”. The panel basically discussed social media waves in Indonesia, how to be part of it, and how to monetize out of social media services in Indonesia market. Actually, I prepared presentation slides, even though I’m not allowed to present it in front of audience due to time limitation and the form of panel discussion that’s supposed to be interactive with the audience, instead of showing the slides. Well, I’ll share it here anyway:

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