8 Years and Beyond

It’s DyCode’s 8th anniversary.

It’s amazing adventure so far, and I’m so grateful to be part of it. It’s amazing feeling to be able to help enterprises, startups, communities, and personals with the journey of DyCode, and also to make DyCode as the second home for more 50 DyCodes and ex-DyCoders so far.

When I co-founded DyCode with 5 other friends 8 years ago, we never thought that DyCode will be as it is today. At that time, we only thought that DyCode was our answer to software development industry in Indonesia that we’d put more focus on software quality and technologies underlying it, also early adopting technologies to optimise the software value, instead of just delivering mediocre software. We’ve been doing a lot of coding, hack things up, learn and explore new things.

Along the way, we’ve been delivering 100+ software projects so far, 4 software products, tens of awards, uncountable appearance and coverage in TV, national media, news portals and blogs, uncountable involvement in varying communities, founded dedicated division for education, and just in last week DyCode finally has its own “child”. The latter will be formally announced within coming weeks.

DyCode is one of the oldest software developer companies in Indonesia. Back then, “startup” term was not even widely used in Indonesia. We often called it “software house” at that time. Mid of 2000s was the rise of software house in Indonesia. There were many friends decided to found one, but I don’t know how many still survive until today. I’m truly grateful that we still make it until now.

The journey is not as smooth as it seems. All of original co-founders have left DyCode one by one, until they’re all gone in 2011, except me. It will be a lie if I never thought of leaving as well. Not to mention there’re job offers from multinational and abroad companies, with very very tempting offers. But thinking deeply of what DyCode has given and made me, and what I can do with the help of DyCode, I decided to stay and not looking back ever since (hopefully never). Also with the help of second generation of DyCode co-founders, we decided to rebuild the new generation out of its ashes. That’s DyCode that we see today.

Looking back what DyCode has achieved so far and thrilling of what DyCode plans to do ahead, I’m even more excited about the next 8 years than the last. The last 8 years is about surviving and building the solid foundation of DyCode. The next is about expansion. With the resources DyCode has today, I believe it’s doable and really excited to make it happen.

At last, happy 8th birthday my son.

DyCode's 8th birthday