Apple Watch App + Azure Mobile Service

In the spirit to embrace wearables industry, especially tomorrow-preorder-opened Apple Watch, I need to share about developing Apple Watch app with WatchKit framework. But the real world app, including Apple Watch app, needs a backend and what I know best is using Microsoft Azure. So, you may wonder how it is possible.

However, for now, to my knowledge, it’s not possible to access backend service, or do network request in general, directly within WatchKit app. We have to do it in big iOS app or so-called parent iOS app of the WatchKit app. Hey, WatchKit app is not even a standalone app, it’s actually an extension of an iOS app.

So, I decided to build a get-start project that shows how Apple Watch app can work with Azure Mobile Service. I’ll get back with more details explanation in this post, but for now you can get the source code on my GitHub:


I put my presentation slide (that I presented on Global Azure Bootcamp 2015 event) here that explains the architecture, flow, and some code related to this source code


I promise that I’ll be back with some more explanation