AR.Drone & Kinect at GeekFest ID Event

My team and I were at GeekFest event. We’re invited as one of exhibitor since my company – DyCode – is the contributor to the event. We’re the creator of the official GeekFest mobile apps.

A memorable moment during the event was when our booth was unexpectedly surrounded by the crowd. How it’s not, we demo something that may (just may be) never been done anywhere in Indonesia. We flew AR.Drone there. Not only using iPhone app, but also using home-made Kinect app (that I created a day before :P).

Here’re the videos:

A photo taken by a friend, @rezaprabowo:Playing AR.Drone with Kinect

2 thoughts on “AR.Drone & Kinect at GeekFest ID Event”

    1. I did, but using Java wrapper of libfreenect. Still don’t have time to dive into C++ one, yet it’s pretty complex library.
      However, I find that using official Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK is really easy. Combine it with ARDrone-Control.NET, there you have Kinect-controlled AR.Drone 🙂

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