Hello world!

Finally! After blogging here and there, mostly about technology, I have my own blog. Never really went into blogging much before, since I’m a man of action, instead of just writing (no offense writers/bloggers). However, at my last day of 29 years old, new dawn of 30 is ahead, I feel much wisher. And wise man needs to spread the words, not only by talking, but also by his writings.

I did blogging at Indonesia .NET Developer Community, Nokia Indonesia Community & Enthusiasts, and iMadCamp (that then become id-objectivec.org), but never really had my own blog. The main reason is discoverability as my writings were mostly about software development (iOS, .NET, Qt, and Java), I want them to be read as many persons as possible. Never much about personal life and thoughts.

Since I already have my own blog now, I can write whatever I want. One thing I promise you, the posts are worth to read 🙂