Officially 500km

It may not be important to you, but it’s important for my car’s log. Tonight, my brand new car has officially travelled more than 500km.

The last trip is to Jakarta which took 457km. Here’s the Journey Computer report:

It was awesome yet thrilling driving experience. I can feel the true power of a BMW car by speeding till 160km/h. The car drove very smoothly, the faster the smoother. I didn’t realize it’s 160 km/h until I see the speedometer. Ya I know 160 km/h is still too slow for a Bimmer, haven’t find a gut in me to speed more than that yet 🙂

According to BMW manual book, it takes about 500km until the car reaches its optimal performance. Car’s brake system requires an initial break-in period of approximately 500 km to achieve optimized contact and wear patterns between brake pads and discs. Tires don’t achieve their traction potential until after driving 300km.

So, I guess my car is ready for optimal action now. Let’s drive!