MVP – 5 Years in A Row

Actually this post should be posted on July 1, when I got an email told me that my Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award got renewed. I can’t be more than happy than that, 5 years in a row. Thanks for that, Microsoft!

For you who are unfamiliar with what MVP is, it’s basically an award for developers or IT pros who contribute their technical expertise of Microsoft’s technologies to community. “Community” is the keyword here. There’re many smart, talented, and skilled developers or IT pros out there, but not all of them want to contribute to the community.

What’s my contribution you may ask? Well, I’m arguably one of influencer of mobile apps industry in Indonesia. I influence many developers to jump into mobile apps development and business, including Windows Phone-related, the one that Microsoft owns. I delivered more than 5 speakings related to Windows Phone, last year alone. Although not much blogging last year, but I think speaking contribution is much more engaging.

As part of MVP award, you’ll get an MVP kit. Here’s what’ inside the box:

ID-Objective-C Bandung Meetup – Talking About Storyboard in iOS 5

As a part of offline ID-Objective-C activities and continuation of ID-Objective-Conference 2012 on last February, a meetup was held in Bandung. Held in DyCode office (DyPlex), unfortunately that rare event was only attended by 5 participants. I don’t know that’s because the event was on Saturday (when people might be preparing Saturday night or some may have class as they’re still students), or the iOS platform is still not really interesting for most developers. Or may be nowadays developers are too lazy to learn the most scarce knowledge in Indonesia, knowledge of iOS development. I don’t know. Although there’re many claimed that they’re dying to know about iOS development, yet only 5 persons came 🙂

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Consuming and Parsing JSON Service in iOS 5 – The Easy Way

Let’s say I want to get tweets from Twitter.

  • I send HTTP request to Twitter with “Accept” header set to “application/json”
  • Receive returned JSON and parse it
  • Do whatever I want with parsed JSON

Above code uses two API provided only in iOS 5 or later:

  • Asynchronous and block-based handler NSURLConnection
  • NSJSONSerialization

You don’t need any third party libraries.

30 Rocks!

Waking up in the morning, taking a bath, turning on my Mac, and I got this reminder from my own computer:

Yeah, I know I’m 30 now. And being 30 is not as bad as I thought. When the clock ticked to April 9, 00:00, and the day’s changed, all the sadness and worries went away and ready for the big start. Lucky, I’m surrounded by people who’s cared much to me, my future wife, my mom and dad, and my sister. And off course, friends are there supporting me.

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The Last Day

This is my last day of being 29 years old, umur berkepala dua. Dalam kurang dari 7 jam, angka depan umur akan bertambah. There’s a mixed feeling, between grateful and sad. Bersyukur karena diberikan kesempatan untuk hidup selama ini dan bisa berbuat sedikit banyak bagi diri sendiri dan orang lain Sedih karena I wish I could do more selama umur berkepala dua.

Some say umur berkepala dua adalah masa keemasan seseorang. Sukses atau tidaknya seseorang for the rest of his/her life, terukur dari seberapa sukses dirinya dalam umur 20an. If Steve Jobs’ worth 100 million dollar when he’s 30 years old, then how much am I? really need to think about it.

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AR.Drone & Kinect at GeekFest ID Event

My team and I were at GeekFest event. We’re invited as one of exhibitor since my company – DyCode – is the contributor to the event. We’re the creator of the official GeekFest mobile apps.

A memorable moment during the event was when our booth was unexpectedly surrounded by the crowd. How it’s not, we demo something that may (just may be) never been done anywhere in Indonesia. We flew AR.Drone there. Not only using iPhone app, but also using home-made Kinect app (that I created a day before :P).

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