8 Years and Beyond

It’s DyCode’s 8th anniversary.

It’s amazing adventure so far, and I’m so grateful to be part of it. It’s amazing feeling to be able to help enterprises, startups, communities, and personals with the journey of DyCode, and also to make DyCode as the second home for more 50 DyCodes and ex-DyCoders so far.

When I co-founded DyCode with 5 other friends 8 years ago, we never thought that DyCode will be as it is today. At that time, we only thought that DyCode was our answer to software development industry in Indonesia that we’d put more focus on software quality and technologies underlying it, also early adopting technologies to optimise the software value, instead of just delivering mediocre software. We’ve been doing a lot of coding, hack things up, learn and explore new things.

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30 Rocks!

Waking up in the morning, taking a bath, turning on my Mac, and I got this reminder from my own computer:

Yeah, I know I’m 30 now. And being 30 is not as bad as I thought. When the clock ticked to April 9, 00:00, and the day’s changed, all the sadness and worries went away and ready for the big start. Lucky, I’m surrounded by people who’s cared much to me, my future wife, my mom and dad, and my sister. And off course, friends are there supporting me.

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The Last Day

This is my last day of being 29 years old, umur berkepala dua. Dalam kurang dari 7 jam, angka depan umur akan bertambah. There’s a mixed feeling, between grateful and sad. Bersyukur karena diberikan kesempatan untuk hidup selama ini dan bisa berbuat sedikit banyak bagi diri sendiri dan orang lain Sedih karena I wish I could do more selama umur berkepala dua.

Some say umur berkepala dua adalah masa keemasan seseorang. Sukses atau tidaknya seseorang for the rest of his/her life, terukur dari seberapa sukses dirinya dalam umur 20an. If Steve Jobs’ worth 100 million dollar when he’s 30 years old, then how much am I? really need to think about it.

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