Talk: Intro to Windows Azure Mobile Services with iOS

It started with this tweet:

It said that @hackerspacebdg, a co-working space for creative (developers, designers, bloggers) freelancers and entrepreneurs in Bandung, organises a sharing event to talk about database design and optimisation. On the last minute I tell the organiser that I’d like to share about database backend for mobile apps. They say OK, so I join the force.

Specifically I talk about Windows Azure Mobile Services that offers database-driven backend for mobile apps frontend, either for iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, or even Android. I choose specific implementation on iOS, since I do iOS app development almost everyday.

Here’s the slide presented:

I copy and paste the code in that slide:


The attendees are all developers, mostly coming from open source background. Most of them are not really familiar with Microsoft’s technologies, especially Azure. Somehow, my sharing brings a bit of interests for them to get to know more about Azure in general, not only Mobile Services. My talk quickly becomes free marketing for Azure. I have to admit I don’t like to sell something in technical talk, especially when attendees ask how much for this and that 🙂


Sorry for crappy photos, it’s kinda low light there.

More Azure and Azure Mobile Services-related posts to come. That’s it. Enjoy!


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