Updating BMW 2012 F30 iDrive Software

I’m a software developer so it’s my nature to explore the possibilities of a computer system. Since BMW cars have iDrive system that is basically a computer system to control the car, it must have software – or more precisely – firmware. And it is should be updateable.

Few hours after picking up my brand new BMW car, I play around with the iDrive and I find its firmware can be updated. In order to get the right software update, I need to know my car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

VIN is the last 7 digit of the number printed on car frame (nomor rangka). At least that’s VIN numbering in Indonesian car, can be different in another countries. Just open the engine compartment, you’ll find the number on the left side.

The easier way to find VIN is by accessing Bluetooth system version from iDrive:

To download the latest software update, go to BMW Software Update website. It will redirect you to this page:

Selecting “BMW International (english)” will bring us to this page:

After entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on above page, this download page will be displayed:

Select the latest update. I select the UPD01005 as I’m sure it fits my car. Then click “Download software update” button. After download is completed, you’ll have a “UPD01005.bin” file. Copy that file to USB drive (formatted with FAT file system), under the root (top most) directory. Then apply the update into the car.

I plug the USB drive into a USB port inside centre arm console. Then in control display on iDrive system, I go to Setting –> Software Update –> Update Software. The system automatically picks up software update file within the USB drive and shows this:

Clicking on “Start update” menu, the update process is started. The process is completed within 1 minute and will display this:

I confirm the update is applied by showing current version:

I made a video to show step by step procedure to apply the update in the car:


2 thoughts on “Updating BMW 2012 F30 iDrive Software”

  1. Is the update language independent? I live in Sweden and there is only one update in the list, UPD01000, at the Swedish bmw site! If I go to the UK site I can download UPD01005!! Perhaps you know the answer.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Ya, it depends on language and country. But I believe once you get the Software Update image, you can apply to any countries. Anyway, the iDrive will check again whether an update is applicable or not. So, no need to worry.

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