Deleting Windows Azure Virtual Machine

As my post here, I shared a journey of creating, recreating, and deleting Windows Azure Virtual Machines in order to just install IIS. I need to rephrase here, that hassle is due to wrong selection of VM size. I rephrase, you need to choose at least the VM size of Medium (2 cores, 3.5 GB memory) in order to successfully install Windows Server OS and related services such as IIS. At least, that’s my experience at that particular time.

During the journey, 3 VMs were created. As they won’t be used, they should be deleted so that we don’t have to pay for them. Turned out, deleting VM in Azure is kinda tricky.

Obviously, logical step to delete something is selecting it, then find “delete” button. Click the button and choose “yes” when confirmation pops up.

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